Meet the First Lady

First Lady Mary Fuentes was born July 12th 1974 in Rochester, NY. She was raised by her Catholic mother, and her father who was a WWII vet. Her mother was very strict and stern, and was very controlling of her, and her brother and twin sister. She always wanted to keep them in the house as she was a very private woman. After serving in the war, her father became an alcoholic, and ruled his home with constant verbal, mental and physical abuse. He was very controlling and did not allow his wife to work, so she stayed home to raise the kids and keep the house. At age 11, Mary’s father passed away. At that time her mom was forced to go to work, so Mary was left to take care of her brother and sister. Because of her situation, she was forced to take on responsibilities far beyond her years. By the time she was 14, and because of the strict and controlled lifestyle she had been raised in, she rebelled. She met an older man and got pregnant, and had her first daughter at age 15. She left her mom’s house at 16 and soon realized that she found herself to be in the same relationship with this man as her mother and father had. This man was very controlling over her, and extremely abusive, even threatening her life on several occasions. She then became pregnant and had her second daughter at 18. She loved her daughters very much and badly wanted to escape that life, but fear kept her from leaving. After 7 long years in that abusive marriage, she was finally able to walk away, and when she did, she never looked back.

For the next few years she lived a destructive lifestyle filled with constant drinking and smoking. She was a pothead who loved to go clubbing and get into fights. It was during this time that she met her future husband, Raul. They dated for a few years living that sinful lifestyle. She went through many hardships with him, the toughest when he was charged with murder. She was pregnant with their first child together while he was sitting in jail awaiting trial. With everything happening around her she only had one desire in her heart, but she never expressed it to anyone, and that was to just finally have a life filled with peace, joy and happiness. After the Lord saw fit to acquit him of those charges, they knew they had to get away from that city, and that lifestyle. When their baby girl was 6 months old, the Lord made a way for them to move to little old Geneva, NY. Not long after they moved in the Lord led them two doors down to First Love church. Her first day there, the Lord spoke to her, through the Bishop, concerning everything she was thinking and feeling, including the secret desire for peace, joy and happiness she held in her heart. That was the day that she knew she was finally home, and that’s the day she knew God was real. “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37:4