Meet The Pastor

Pastor Raul Fuentes was born October 24th 1977 in Guayama, Puerto Rico. He was born dying, with an enlarged heart, throwing up blood, erupt ulcers and a serious case of jaundice. He was left for dead in a small town that was heavily into witchcraft. His grandmother, which served the Lord many years, prayed for him. She told the Lord if He would just heal her grandson that he would grow to do His will. So left for dead because of the complete lack of medical care in Puerto Rico at that time, the Lord showed great mercy and healed him. And as he grew up, he would often hear of that miracle. At the age of 3 his family moved from Puerto Rico to Rochester, NY. He was raised in a very low-class neighborhood, and because evil communication corrupts good manner, he was brought into a worldly lifestyle, which at that time he thought was comforting. Being deceived that the streets showed more love than home, he did and acted like the streets, being pulled in his mind from the constant remembrance of the miracle that the Lord had done in his life as a baby. This caused him to walk around feeling guilty of the continual sin he found himself committing, and also to be tantalized in his mind because he thought he was stuck in that lifestyle. He was thirsty for a change and yearning in his heart to do right, and to know the Lord. By that time, his whole household, from mom and dad, to brothers and sisters, was in such chaos that even though he knew what he was doing at that time was wrong, in his mind it just looked to be impossible that any change could happen for him. It was at this time that he would find himself pleading to the Lord, but was still unable to escape the life he had come to know. At age 19 he met his future wife, and they both continued to get deeper into the street life. So much so, that at the age of 22, he committed a murder. As he sat in jail awaiting trial, his wife at home pregnant, the Lord began to finally be able to deal with his mind, and on July 4th, 2000, he gave his life to Jesus Christ. He spent 28 days in jail before being bailed out and was eventually acquitted of the charges.

He made a promise to the Lord that not only would he serve Him, but he would bring his family to the Lord also so that he could save their lives. After he got bailed out though, he backslid, because there were no true demonstrators of Christ to show him the way. So the Lord sent him to his aunt’s house and it was there that the Lord spoke to him through his aunt, and reminded him of the promise that he had made to the Lord while in his jail cell. He hadn’t told anybody of the promise he had made, so he knew then for a fact that it really was the Lord speaking to him, and that changed his life even the more. So the prophecy was spoken that God would raise him up to do His will and preach the gospel, and that if he kept and did has part, the Lord would keep and do His part also. At that time, he left his aunt’s house and immediately started looking for a place to live outside of Rochester. Soon after, the Lord would make a way for him and his wife to move to little old Geneva, NY in an apartment two doors down from First Love, Church of God’s Revealed Truth. They started attending and became members of the church and started seeing the Lord move in not only their own lives, but the other members of the church as well. They witnessed casting out of demons, spiritual healings, and physical healings from cancer and HIV. During this time, the Lord was raising him up spiritually, and he was sent out from the direction of the Bishop to go out and retrieve lost souls. The lost souls of the people who were abandoned by the previous pastor of a church that had previously been connected to First Love. There were four souls gathered from that previous ministry and the Lord, through the Bishop of First Love, Church of God’s Revealed Truth headquarters, appointed Raul and his wife, Mary, to be the Pastor and First Lady over his new ministry, Delivering Word, as a branch off of First Love. They started with just four members and the Lord has been building the ministry ever since. By staying humble, and not straying from the word of God, the Lord continues to bless the Pastor, First Lady and the members of Delivering Word, with His presence, His healings, and the fruits of His spirit. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23